The Story Behind My Best Photos From 2020

A picture is worth 1000 words.

Photo by author.

My photography journey

I started my photography journey back in 2020 when I bought my cannon M50. Currently I still just have the kit lens and that's all that I am using. I initially bought the camera because I was doing a lot of filming at church. When the pandemic hit my church needed a way to continue online only and since we didn’t have the equipment I stepped up and began using my iPhone 11 Pro Max to film our services.

Using an iPhone to film an hour-long service in different chunks each week tho is not great for workflow. So when the stimulus check came I went ahead and invested in my camera so that I would be able to make a better online service for my church and to get into creating videos for myself. Along the way, I started shooting photos and found not only for capturing video but capturing photos as well.

So with 2020 behind us, I wanted to share my favorite photos from this past year and the story behind each one of them.

AMC sign

This first photo I took the day that I got my camera. I had no idea what any of the settings were or anything like that and I was just excited to get out and go and record so I went to a place called Newport on the Levee in Kentucky right across the river from downtown Cincinnati and it has such an amazing view of the city and you can get some beautiful shots of the city from the bridge over there. And while I was walking back across the bridge I saw the AMC sign which before the pandemic I was at that AMC all the time watching movies so I decided to go ahead and get this beautiful shot.

Newport On the Levee

What I love about this shot is that it was before I knew how to do any color grading so it's the natural colors out of the M50 so I love that! The funnier part of this story is that as I was walking back onto the levee a security guard stopped me and began to grill me and ask if I was apart of the media. And I’m not gonna lie I thought I was about to get kicked out of a place that I would go all the time. After getting home I stared at this image on my computer in awe at how cool I thought it was and laughed for days about how I almost got kicked out of the Levee.

A building downtown Cincinnati

I took this photo during the summertime when my family and I met up to walk around downtown Cincinnati and just spend time together. And while I got some awesome shots of them this photo

Downtown Cincinnati

It was around the time that I took this photo that I began to realize that a shift was happening in my life and I was beginning to ask myself some hard questions about where I wanted to be in a few years and I realized that I no longer wanted to stay in Cincinnati and instead I wanted to move closer to home and be with my family. I came to Cincinnati out of necessity because the only job I could find that paid me what I needed was in Cincinnati.

I love looking at this photo because it reminds me of the moment that I started asking the questions about what I wanted out of life and I began to dream about what was next for me. Little did I know that not long from the day I took this picture I would be putting in my two weeks notice at my job and moving to start a new job.

The tree outside my new apartment

After moving I hadn’t taken many pictures because I started a new job and moved and was just trying to get acclimated with everything that I was doing. But one night there was this beautiful sunset and snow so I pulled out my camera and shot a couple of photos of this tree and this one really stood out to me.

Outside my apartment

I love this photo because late 2017 to about mid-2020 were incredibly rough for me. I felt like I was wandering around and not getting anywhere. I felt as though I had been written off by tons of people. When I took this photo I felt like I was finally at a point in my life where I felt truly content and happy for the first time in a long time. And that was a moment worth documenting.

I take lots of other cool photos as well. Check out my Instagram for more.

Also if you want check out and subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

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