I’m Going All In On Youtube In 2021

I’ve been a content creator for going on three years now. Back in 2018 when I started it came out of a necessity for me to have something on the side of my everyday life to be creative and to help me find myself again after going through a bit of an identity crisis. Thus I did two things. I launched my blog here on Medium and really started to get into writing and figuring out the platform and then I started my podcast “Coffee With Craft”

Since then I have been experimenting with content creating and discovering my voice here on the internet. That’s why I have decided that in 2021 I am going to add a new pillar for my content with Youtube.

Why Youtube?

It really boils down to two reasons that I have this desire to go all-in on Youtube in 2021. The first is that I have grown to have an extreme love for creating video content. For those who have been following me for a long time, you know that I have been working inside the church for a long time. And during the pandemic, I have found myself directing, producing, filming and editing, and sometimes being filmed in a 60 min online service that we had to produce each week. To put that in perspective I basically. edited a short film each week from March- to September before I left the job I was previously at. And those were only the online services. That's not counting the weeks I filmed Bible Studies and other content for my church that took hours of my time each week. In the midst of all of this, I was really just beginning to learn video editing. And what I didn’t realize is that in the midst of all that I would learn that I love video editing and that I wanted to do it more and more!

The second reason is that I have learned that I love being behind and in front of the camera. No matter if it's taking photos or recording video I have loved using my little Canon M50 to create content and now that I have found that I love both the video recording aspect and the editing aspect. With that, I have learned that

What kind of content am I creating?

You can check a sneak peek of the kind of videos I’ll be creating at the end of the article. But I plan on doing three things to start on Youtube.

  1. Question Content
    I plan on doing a video each week where I talk through a question that is on my mind and some of my thoughts on it.
  2. Vlog content
    Vlogging is something I’ve always wanted to be good at so I’m giving my hand at trying to become good at vlogging over the next few months and seeing if I can create an engaging story out of my day to share with people on the internet.
  3. Lifestyle content
    I love videos that have to do with someone's everyday carry or what's in their backpack or talking about apps that they love. So I’m working on creating some content around that as well! I’m already editing my first video in my lifestyle content category that has to do with my everyday carry.
  4. My podcast
    I’ll still be uploading episodes of my podcast up onto my Youtube channel as well as a way for people who want to listen on Youtube to have an opportunity to listen to it or to expand my audience with the podcast as well.
2021s first vlog

I signed off in this video with the phrase “The best is yet to come.” and I believe that. I truly believe that the best in life is yet to come and that my story is just beginning, especially my story with Youtube. So if you are interested maybe come check out the channel and subscribe. Would love to have you join me on this wild ride that we call life.

26. Telling my story and helping other people share theirs.

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